GIMP Concept Art Tutorial

Power of Two is proud to present the first installment of Robin’s open-source tutorial series: speed concepting using the free graphics tool GIMP (http://www NULL.gimp

The tutorial is divided into three parts.


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2 Responses to “GIMP Concept Art Tutorial”

  • Jakkar (http://jakkar NULL.deviantart Says:

    Interesting tutorials. It was nice to watch you work, but you say ‘Urrrhhhm..’ a -lot-. Bad habit in videos, if you can try to cut it down – particularly with your accent, it’s a bit like taking a circular saw to the eardrums of the listener after a while =)

    You seemed to gain confidence in the middle, only losing it at either end.

    Thanks for the tips =)

  • Drake Says:

    Are you using tablet? you sure do, is it comfortable? Good art, btw.

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