Iterations: Dwarfs Now and Then

A word of advice to anyone developing a game: save your iterations!

Just like it’s good to keep a visual diary for comparing weight loss when dieting, or keeping recordings from when you started playing an instrument, having earlier builds of your game saved down is a great source of morale. Given that there is progress to show, of course.

For Dwarfs, we started to archive our “stables” (every 0.x gets extra bug-test attention) at v0.3. When I’m stuck with some really soul crushing programming, and it feels like the game is going nowhere, I like to start one of the old ones up and remember that’s what I thought back then too.

V0.3 – January 2010

v0.3 - Menu

The "menu" in v0.3

v0.3 - In game

Screenshots cannot even begin to describe how insanely hard the game was back then

V0.4 – February 2010

v0.4 - Menu

A slightly improved splash screen, from before we decided on the name "Power of Two"

v0.4 - In game

It might not look that different, but the improvement to gameplay is immense.

V0.5 – April 2010

v0.5 - Menu

Finally, an actual menu! The version number at the bottom is a liar :(

v0.5 - In game

Without doubt the sexiest iteration yet, with huge graphical and technical updates

Current – May 2010

v0.55 - Menu

A new WIP main menu! We're taking our chances with one of those extravagant thingys.

v0.55 - In game

Not much of a difference to be seen... but you'll have to take my word for it: there's sounds and music now. :)

The difference between these versions are much more profound than is shown by the screens! I won’t bother you with patch notes, but I’ll repeat what I wrote at the top of this article:

Save your iterations!

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