Tutorials revisited

A while back, I held a little monologue about educating the player to play your game. As you won’t remember, since you didn’t read it, I ended it by proudly pointing out that we would have a very useful in-game-manual with videos and stuff explaining game concepts instead of having players go through tutorials.

Well, as it turns out, some people actually really, really want their tutorials! I guess this is why beta testing on a variety of people is useful. While us pr0gamers are too proud of our m4dsk1llz to go through a silly tutorial, casual players seem very fond of the concept. Since Dwarfs is a game that pretty much needs to appeal to the casual crowd as well, we had a change of heart!

At the moment, we’re working on implementing the campaign. Here is a screenshot of a prototype, pretty much only polish away from being fully functional. What is seen is from the first “mission”, which briefly explains the controls and how quests work.

En kaktus

A prototype of the campaign... subject to changes!

Needless to say, the Campaign Mode will be very different from the Arcade Mode! The missions will be divided into smaller quests, and it will play… sort of like traditional RTS-campaigns. Apart from being entertaining, we also hope that playing the campaign will inspire players to compete against friends, family and complete strangers for the highest score in Arcade Mode!

Oops, blog time is up. Back to crunch!

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