Jun 29 2010

Back to Work

This year me and Robin decided to skip finding shitty summer jobs to finish up Dwarfs instead! As such, not only will we work, but we’ll also starve! Working with Dwarfs is actually more like playing around, though, so we’ll survive :)

Anyway, our two weeks of chill in the hill is over. Robin has begun working on the remaining enemy types, which leaves me free to roam about the lab! Last night, my unethical experiments resulted in an unholy union of C# and PHP to create something many of our beta testers have asked for!

This is the Score Menu. Notice anything different?

That’s right: global, online high scores! And that’s not all, either.

The Dwarfs Beta will soon be
available for public download!

We’re just tweaking some details, and then we’ll let anyone enjoy the game. It’s likely that we’ll cut out the 60min and Endless time modes, since they don’t live up to our standards due to the content shortage. I’m going to try to implement a crash screen in case of fatal errors (God Forbid), with the option of uploading the error log. Also, we’ll be opening up a small forum where people can report non-crash bugs and suggest improvements.

Hang in there, billions of Dwarfs-fanbois! We’re coming to save you!

Jun 13 2010


Yesterday was insane. First off, the expo was really nice. It’s not as extravagant as the Gotland Game Awards, but in all honesty, that was a relief. After two days smacked into a corner with dozens of speakers blasting at full volume all around us, me and Robin enjoyed an expo where you could actually talk to people without ruining your voice! Also, since this was the Swedish Game Awards finale, 100 % of the games were really good!

The awards ceremony was also very cool. Between two of the awards, they had a LED juggling act to celebrate the creation of a SGA-theme song, which was awesome :)

Our category was the last one to come up. Best Execution. I wasn’t really nervous or anything, because I was quite sure that Dwarfs stood no real chance. However, there was a certain scenario where we could actually win “Best Execution”! In student competitions such as these, there seems to be a tradition to distribute certain prizes in order to maximize the motivational benefit of the awards. In practice, this means that no game wins two big titles.Therefore, if one of the other games in Best Execution won Best of Show, Dwarfs would only need to be second in order to win Best Execution! There was a slim chance, at least, and I could only hope.

When the member of the jury read the motivation, starting off with “A simple, yet well thought out game, whose strength lies not in graphics…” my eyes opened wide. Could that be us? But alas, it was the little can of pure, concentrated fun that is Br00t4l Qwest (http://www NULL.devourgames NULL.com/in-development/br00t4l-qwest/)! I really thought, “okay, now it’s finally over”. I was curious, which one would win? Sanctum with its insanely polished visuals and new take on tower defense, or Questionable Heroes, with its innovative gameplay and intense multiplayer action?

Filip, the SGA Project Manager, announced: “And here are the nominees for Game of The Year”, and it zoomed in on Dwarfs. I smiled a bit, because it was nice being nominated twice.

Then he said:

“Oh, wait, this is the winner.”

It took a while to process, but apparently we did win! That’s kind of insane. Now we just need to finish this game (more in-game content and more polish), release it this fall, and see what the future brings! Even though there won’t be any big expos for a while, the blog will keep on being updated so… remember to check in! ^^

Oh, and a big shout out to Questionable Heroes (http://gameawards NULL.se/competition_entries/547)! They were our expo neighbours, and was really cool and helpful. They used their civil engineer m4dsk1llz to stick our cloth banner to the security door behind us! Also, their game is really sweet (eight player multiplayer)! To top it off, one of their programmers (Simon Stensmar) is obviously also a progamer, as he managed to get a whooping 680 000 points in Normal 15min! Now, that’s madness!

Here’s a link to all the SGA10 winners (http://gameawards NULL.se/news/winners/)

Simon Stensmar (http://gameawards NULL.se/people/2653)

Jun 11 2010

The Longest Beard

I just stumbled upon the high score lists from GGA! Here are the winners from the different difficulties:

Congratulations to you all for having the Longest Beards! All these scores were 15Min timed, the official time setting for competitive digging! Let’s see if folks at the SGA (http://gameawards NULL.se/news/swedish-game-awards-grande-finale/) can compete with the pureblood gamers of Gotland ;)

Jun 9 2010

Victory is ours!

…at least on one battlefield! Tonight, Dwarfs won the Pwnage Award (Best of Show) in the Gotland Game Awards (http://www NULL.gotlandgameawards NULL.se/gga10/)! I have no idea of the actual (as in monetary) ramifications of this glorious victory, if any, but we got so much fireworks to celebrate our entrance that Don (the headmaster) had to step in and save us from being blown to smithereens. ^^

Hopefully, we’ll have some professional shots from the event to show you guys! In the meantime, here’s Rikard enjoying a sweet glass of campaign!

Next stop:

SGA! (http://gameawards NULL.se/news/nominees-the-best-of-indie-development/)