Back to Work

This year me and Robin decided to skip finding shitty summer jobs to finish up Dwarfs instead! As such, not only will we work, but we’ll also starve! Working with Dwarfs is actually more like playing around, though, so we’ll survive :)

Anyway, our two weeks of chill in the hill is over. Robin has begun working on the remaining enemy types, which leaves me free to roam about the lab! Last night, my unethical experiments resulted in an unholy union of C# and PHP to create something many of our beta testers have asked for!

This is the Score Menu. Notice anything different?

That’s right: global, online high scores! And that’s not all, either.

The Dwarfs Beta will soon be
available for public download!

We’re just tweaking some details, and then we’ll let anyone enjoy the game. It’s likely that we’ll cut out the 60min and Endless time modes, since they don’t live up to our standards due to the content shortage. I’m going to try to implement a crash screen in case of fatal errors (God Forbid), with the option of uploading the error log. Also, we’ll be opening up a small forum where people can report non-crash bugs and suggest improvements.

Hang in there, billions of Dwarfs-fanbois! We’re coming to save you!

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