Dwarfs 0.65 Beta Uploaded!

Update 2: Disregard the previous update! The new version has been uploaded now, and you REALLY should be able to start the game now if you crashed at start up! Also, there are a some new sounds

Update: A new version has been uploaded, which hopefully works with graphics cards capable of storing textures up to 2048 pixels wide! If you got a crash at startup before, give it another go.

The day you all have been waiting for has come! You can now download a beta of Dwarfs (http://www NULL.po2games NULL.com/forum/viewtopic NULL.php?f=4&t=2)!

To download it, just visit this post (http://www NULL.po2games NULL.com/forum/viewtopic NULL.php?f=4&t=2) and follow the instructions! We’ve disabled all time modes but 15 minutes. Not to be cheap bastards or anything, but because the longer modes make no sense since only about 1/4 of the content is in the game. You can still get pretty far in 15 minutes, and you’ll have more than enough time to encounter all content!

At this point in the development, the game’s foundation is pretty much done. What we’ve left to do is make more of what’s there — more enemies, secret caves, more campaign missions, and so forth. The game, as it is now, gives a very good sense of what the final game will be like. It’s a very playable beta.

To make playing the game interesting, we’ve added an online scoreboard! To upload  a score, there are only two prerequisites:

  1. You must be connected when you get it
  2. It must qualify for your own highscore list

Now we will truly find out who has the longest beard!

Annoying Insects

When releasing a Beta like this, only one thing is certain: there will be bugs. Lots of them. Most people probably won’t notice anything major. Some people will run into pretty drastic ones! If you stumble upon a bug that crashes the application, you will (hopefully) be taken to a crash screen asking you to upload the crash report! Press Enter to do this. If you find a bug that just messes with the game without crashing it (such as dwarfs digging through rock, or your base flying away), please do report them in the forum! Oh, and on that note…

The Forum

As stated above, we’ve created a forum where you can report bugs, ask questions and come with suggestions! Anyone can register and post, and if you have something to say, please do! :)

Some Pointers

It might be a good idea to go through the Campaign (which for now is a tutorial), to learn the basics. In the Codex, accessible from Main Menu, you can read up on some tips and tricks, as well as watch short video tutorials and listen to my silky sweet faked British accent!

Oh, and when you’re not playing Dwarfs, I trust you’ll be watching the EVO Stream (http://evo2k NULL.com/live/), just like we will ;)


12 Responses to “Dwarfs 0.65 Beta Uploaded!”

  • Amidos2006 (http://amidos-games NULL.blogspot NULL.com) Says:

    The game didnt launch at all and crashed I installed the .Net frame work 3.5 and I have XNA 3.1 and I repaired them again to be sure but still crashing I wanna try your game isnt their any solutions

  • Erik S (Testament) (http://www NULL.testamentgame NULL.com) Says:

    Hooray! Downloading now!

  • T-Dawg Says:

    Amidos: We’ve uploaded a new version, which is NOT a fix, but it extends the error handling. From what we’ve come to understand from this new version is that older graphics cards/circuits cannot handle our generously sized textures.

    At the moment, we discovered a texture bigger than 4096, which we’re going to fix shortly. Eventually, we’ll have extra versions of the textures available which are all below 2048, for stone age computers!

    I’ll post a comment when the new version is up so you can try that out!

  • Hubbe Says:

    Sweet! Been looking forward to this dawg!

  • XBLA Live Preview: Dwarfs (and open beta) | XboxHornet (http://www NULL.xboxhornet NULL.com/wordpress/?p=5786) Says:

    [...] little bushwhacked after gamescon, but was more than happy to chat about his current project.  The free public beta can be found here, and the linked forum thread is a fantastic place to leave constructive criticisms and comments.  [...]

  • Vrexu (http://vrexu NULL.com/) Says:

    I have one tiny suggestion (which you probable have in mind already). When the speed button is pressed and something bad happens, make it so that speed stops and the game pauses for 1 second, or something. (or if it won’t make the options menu to bloated make it so that you can configure it).
    And the game, as it is now, is.. well.. too addictive!

  • T-Dawg Says:

    @Vrexu: A nice idea, BUT, since you actually don’t speed up the count down, using the speed button greatly boosts your score! So, to balance this fact, using the speed button is very risky!

    If we for some reason decide that the speed button should affect the time played, too, your suggestion is a good one. :)

  • mkire Says:

    Make it so digger dwarves won’t go through walls. I’ve had almost all of my games ended by a dwarf deciding he had to go through a wall that was keeping water from flooding the townhall, and it’s incredibly frustrating to be having fun when suddenly the wall isn’t there anymore and my game is over

  • T-Dawg Says:

    @mkire: That the Dwarfs are stupid is a vital part of the game! You can stop them from ruining your day by blowing holes. Can’t raze your walls if they’re dead, now can they? ;)

    Play through the campaign (tutorial) to get a grasp on how to handle things like cave trapping!

  • Vrexu (http://vrexu NULL.com) Says:

    @mkire: Just put dynamite next to the wall :) .
    T-Dawg: I haven’t played since the last time I posted, so it might be different. And most probable here is not a good place to write it + that the game as it was/is not a finished product. As you told, yes, there are facts to be took in consideration. I want to mention another one: When you boost the speed, while building something, though waters goes all the way in the channel and for a long line you just have to surround everything.. the building of secondary bases (I forgot their names) do, or at least, did not.

  • Vrexu (http://vrexu NULL.com) Says:

    Err.. “watter” instead of “watters” (and also lava), and .. err.. by “channel” I mean “tunnel”. Sorry about that. And by “T-Dawg” i mean “@T-Dawg” :) .

  • Vrexu (http://vrexu NULL.com) Says:

    water with one t.. pff, no more spam. I’m just bad at spelling and grammar.

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