“Dwarfs!?” at GDC and gamescom!

First off, let me apologize for the long-lasting radio silence! The beta-testing has been very useful for improving the stability of the game, as well as getting feedback on the game itself (although in my dreams the forum was used more). We’ve since been busy adding some new stuff behind the scenes, and there’s also some interesting development that will be announced shortly!

Anyway, we’ll be attending Game Developer’s Conference (http://www NULL.gdceurope NULL.com/) and gamescom (http://www NULL.gamescom NULL.de/en/gamescom/home/index NULL.php) in Cologne (Köln) with our school! At GDC, playable games will be rotated on one computer (because our booth there is pretty tiny), and at gamescom, you’ll be able to witness some extravagant constructions made by other students from GAME! To tell you the truth, though: if you read this, don’t come to the booth to play Dwarfs! Play it on your own computer, and then spend the time at the booth talking to us or playing some of the other games. After all, gamescom will be packed, and unfortunately we’ve got a very, very small portion of the GAME-booth!

GDC starts August 16, and we’ll stay until the end of gamescom, August 22. I’m going to bring my laptop, and try to bring you updates! :)

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