Dwarfs!? featured in XboxHornet!

Walter Desmond of the XboxHornet (http://www NULL.xboxhornet NULL.com/wordpress/), a site mainly covering Xbox Live Arcade and Indie Game Channel, contacted me during gamescom and asked if I had the time to answer some questions when I got back! Of course, I quickly seized this excellent opportunity to take a quick break from the coding ;)

The preview article can be found here (http://www NULL.xboxhornet NULL.com/wordpress/?p=5786). I think it’s a good, short read if you’re curious about the progress of the game and the differences between the beta and the finished product. :)

3 Responses to “Dwarfs!? featured in XboxHornet!”

  • 0wing Says:


    But the link is f’d up. It’s not clickable and copying it returns “http://www NULL.xboxhornet NULL.com/wordpress/?p=5786″.

  • T-Dawg Says:

    It looks and works like a normal link to me? Must be one of those 1337 h4xx0r Firefox plugins messing things up! :)

  • 0wing Says:

    Lulz, NoScript on my laptop was the culprit. :D
    I didn’t realize that it was my first visit here from it.

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