Dwarfs at PAX!

Dwarfs will be displayed at the Penny Arcade Expo (http://www NULL.paxsite NULL.com/paxprime/index NULL.php) (PAX) which begins tomorrow! You can find us in Tripwire’s booth, where Robin’s on duty to give you a little cave-tour. :)

Unfortunately, if you haven’t got an entry badge, you’re out of luck. PAX has actually sold out! According to leading experts and cutting edge computer simulations, the rumors of Dwarfs appearance played no small part in this!

So, if you happen to have a badge, stop by!

3 Responses to “Dwarfs at PAX!”

  • Chris W Says:

    Played this game during Pax. Really fun. I had the hardest time trying to fix the site though. Typing in Dwarf + Pax 2010 didn’t yield many useful results.

  • LS Says:

    I have see the game on the gamescom 2010 and i have searched for hours on the internet for this game

    I LOVE IT!!! :-)

  • T-Dawg Says:

    It’s awesome to hear you like the game! A shame it’s so hard to google for though :(

    I hope we’ll jump higher up on Google’s rankings in time ^^

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