What’s going on?! Pt. 2: Decorations

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s begin with one!

Aw dat's boring!

Daym, now that's some boring tunnels!

So, what did you think? “Wow! Such an amazing game“, I’m sure, and while that is absolutely correct, if you have played the game a few thousand times like I have, a correct answer would also be: “I’ve seen those tunnels before!

This is why we made decorations! The idea behind decorations is that if we riddle the tunnels with all sorts of crazy stuff, they won’t look as repetetive! Of course, it’s up to the player how much crap they want on their playfield, but for the sake of Dawk — the Duck God — let’s go into Options and crank that slider to the max!

No one quite knows who puts all that stuff there, but we all want to give him/her a hug!

Take a load of that! The playfield is now full of random things that mostly only make little sense, because if they wasted energy making sense, they wouldn’t be quite as awesome! I don’t want to blow my own horn here, but Mariah Carey once told me that our decorations are the best she had ever seen in a game! I was going to get her phone number as well but was rudely interrupted by the alarm clock.

Let’s take a closer look at them things!

Very cool!!

Man, these decorations sure liven things up! I better make sure to invite them to my next party!

There are two types of decorations: wall- and ground. Ground decorations stay put the entire round, while wall decorations gets destroyed when the wall behind them is opened. You can adjust the amount of decorations that spawn, or disable them completely. In these examples, there are about 3½ minutes worth of decorations with the spawn rate set to maximum! My guess is that the more casual the player, the more they will enjoy a huge amount of silly decorations, but the options slider will let you find your own preference.

Instead of regular decorations, the "nice ground" gets buildings!

As your score increases, the area around your base will grow larger. On this ground, unique buildings will spawn depending on what you achieve! For example, killing a boss might give you a statue, while trapping a water cave might give you a well! We might give some of these buildings passive bonuses, such as higher spawning levels, but that’s just an idea and haven’t been implemented yet!

Hello, ladies! The wall is now sushi!

Who are those two sexy fellows, one might ask? Why that’s me and Robin! To round things up, a keg of dwarven ale goes to Robin’s talented fiancee, Emma, who made many of the decorations!


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