“Dwarfs the Game”-website up!

To promote schizofrenia in all of our fans (because two fans are always better than one), we have launched a site (http://www NULL.dwarfs-game NULL.com/)dedicated to the Dwarfs game itself! This is so that people interested in raw info about the game won’t have to wade through all my ramblings on the blog! :)

Complete with a comic! Yeah! A new strip will be added to the comic on a weekly basis (ish)

Amazing features

We’re aiming to completely revolutionize how people find information about Dwarfs!?, surf the web and cook homard du pays à la escabeche! Here’s what can be found, or will be “can be found” later, on the new site:

  • Comic: Short strips about the game, inside the game, or about us!
  • News: Like the blog only not quite
  • Demo: We’ll release a Steam Demo when the time is right!
  • Media: Like… screens and videos! We’re thinking of doing some sort of silly dev-talk for this page, too
  • Codex: Information on in-game stuff
  • About: Derp!

If you follow the blog, you won’t have to worry much, as I will post notices of any relevant updates of the new site here!

Click HERE to visist the new site! (http://www NULL.dwarfs-game NULL.com/)

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