Back From Heroism

I’d like to issue a formal apology to the billions of Dwarfs-fans that have been forced to suffer through nearly two months without updates! Millions of you have mailed and/or called me with anxious inquiries regarding my well being, and I recently learned that Interpol launched a world-wide search party (some even called it a search festival) in fear that I may have braved the Siberian taiga and lost my way.

But fear not, my dear friends. My sudden disappearance had a very natural (and when you think about it, kind of obvious) explanation:

I was travelling the world saving kittens from the jaws of Cthulhu and his Starspawn minions.

Now that that issue has been straightened out, we can go on to actual news about Dwarfs!

Actual News About Dwarfs!?

The situation is as follows: we’re practically done, and will send Tripwire the game at the end of next week. They will work their magic and in January the game will be brought down from the heavens to soothe the cravings of the people! Between now and that time, me and Robin will put in as much bonus content as we can, which will be downloaded as a day-0 patch when launching the game in Steam!

In the meanwhile, Robin has created a couple of videos explaining the general gameplay, and one of the fabulous bonus modes!

Also, don’t forget to check out (http://www NULL.dwarfs-game, where you can read epic comics about us and the game!

I will likely spam out some updates after the game has been sent to Tripwire and things aren’t quite as hectic!

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