Dwarfs EXPOSED?! Full story inside!

Investigative journalism is the enemy of every honest, hard-working corporation that has built its success on vast amounts of liquor and blowing up employees. This time, it’s our very own Workplace of The Year that’s under ruthless scrutiny!

He said he was an investor so we let him into the beta...

The author of this Pulitzer-winning write-up is John Polson, one of the larger contributors to the whistleblower site Indie Superstar (http://indiesuperstar NULL.com/). He cleverly infiltrated our Beta posing as Pol Johnson. Well played, John… well played.

Click here to read the excellent article (http://indiesuperstar NULL.com/archives/2333)

One Response to “Dwarfs EXPOSED?! Full story inside!”

  • John Polson (http://www NULL.indiesuperstar NULL.com) Says:

    I’d rather be Pol Johnson than Pole Johnson. That name seems NSFW. My co-worker is now jealous that I got to play such an awesome game. The studio interview will shortly follow, but I was thinking of a later article that dives into all the extra play modes, essentially making it 4-ish games in one.

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