Jan 3 2011

IndieSuperstar with new leak

How come no-one is doing anything about this? These journalists are endangering the lives of billions upon billions of dwarfs with their reckless disclosures! Only a few days ago, Indie Superstar (http://indiesuperstar NULL.com/) revealed yet another set of juicy secrets (http://indiesuperstar NULL.com/archives/2356) regarding Dwarfs!?, and all the dirty tricks used in the development process!

Expertly forged imagery of me and Robin partaking in glorious celebration

Yet again I was fooled by cunning, journalistic trickery! Some hot 21 year old chick added me on Skype and asked a bunch of question about Dwarfs, and being the gentleman that I am, I told her like it was! Little did I know that Joanna Poledancer was, in fact, my arch-nemesis John Polson, reporter for the #1 videogame whistleblower site in the world: Indie Superstar!

Power of Two Games will take measures to ensure this kind of fatal leak never happens again.

We advice all our readers not to click this link (http://indiesuperstar NULL.com/archives/2356)!