IndieSuperstar with new leak

How come no-one is doing anything about this? These journalists are endangering the lives of billions upon billions of dwarfs with their reckless disclosures! Only a few days ago, Indie Superstar (http://indiesuperstar revealed yet another set of juicy secrets (http://indiesuperstar regarding Dwarfs!?, and all the dirty tricks used in the development process!

Expertly forged imagery of me and Robin partaking in glorious celebration

Yet again I was fooled by cunning, journalistic trickery! Some hot 21 year old chick added me on Skype and asked a bunch of question about Dwarfs, and being the gentleman that I am, I told her like it was! Little did I know that Joanna Poledancer was, in fact, my arch-nemesis John Polson, reporter for the #1 videogame whistleblower site in the world: Indie Superstar!

Power of Two Games will take measures to ensure this kind of fatal leak never happens again.

We advice all our readers not to click this link (http://indiesuperstar!

2 Responses to “IndieSuperstar with new leak”

  • Elf_Bro_4Life (http://www Says:

    Lol serves you right, you pesky dwarfs.

  • T-Dawg Says:

    It’s because of pointy eared racists like you that there is so much inequalities for dwarfs in the fantasy worlds! While you elves prance around in silly robes and climb trees, who do you think are working their arses off in the mines to make the cogs keep turning? That’s right! Us!

    Shame on you! >:[

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