Steamy Hot Trailer!

Every Steam-page worth it’s salt must have one of these little buggers! Our Robin and Tripwire’s Dave have teamed up to create this masterpiece of modern cinematography. Please, do enjoy!

In other news: a demo and pre-order will be available soon! Rejoice!

3 Responses to “Steamy Hot Trailer!”

  • R Says:

    I’m trying to register on the forum, but I can’t find how to register.

    Is the forum abandoned? Is there an alternative? I have some questions but I don’t see an obvious way of asking them.

  • T-Dawg Says:

    Yeah, that was our Beta-forum from back in the days! :) Your best bet is to use either of these two;

    Steam forum: (http://forums NULL.steampowered NULL.php?f=1127)
    Our section at Tripwire: (http://forums NULL.tripwireinteractive NULL.php?f=112)

  • R Says:

    Thanks, I will take a look at those. :)

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