May 5 2011

The Beard Unleashed!

Good news, everyone!

And frankly, I don’t care what voice you read that in! What I do care about, however, is that ‘Dwarfs!?’ is finally out!

To celebrate, we’re having a week long Hilarious Delay Sale to commemorate the absurd delays through which all our dear beardy fans had to endure before this glorious day! “What does that mean”, you ask? It means about $9, €8 and £7! Yes, we’ve priced adjusted for Europeans! One dollar isn’t a pound :D

If you just want to get this over with and buy the game, you can do so here: (http://store NULL.steampowered

If you want to savour this moment a bit more before getting the game and having the best time of your life, watch Simon do it here (actually, do it regardless of what you want to do, it’s hilarious): (http://www

EDIT: Not enough? Another professional Dwarfs!?-player is Total Biscuit, who take a shot at the world record (while talking some serious smack about the poor Dwarfs) in this awesome video: (http://youtu

If you want to cry rivers in which dwarven babies drown about how we totally ripped off Dwarf Fortress and Minesweeper, there is a great place for that, too: (http://boards NULL.4chan

If you want to try out the great but absurdly difficult game we apparently ripped off, you can find it here: (http://www NULL.bay12games

Apr 27 2011

Steamy Hot Trailer!

Every Steam-page worth it’s salt must have one of these little buggers! Our Robin and Tripwire’s Dave have teamed up to create this masterpiece of modern cinematography. Please, do enjoy!

In other news: a demo and pre-order will be available soon! Rejoice!

Apr 22 2011

We Stand Victorious!

(For the full back story, visit our Twitter page (http://twitter!/Po2Games))

The creaking sound of metal against metal echoed through the forest as the last turret yielded under the great weight of the Di’Lay. It was the largest either of the two warriors had ever seen before. From head to tail, it was well over three months long, and its hardened scales had barely been scratched by the onslaught of bullets. A huge gust of air made both of them stumble backwards as the creature flapped its enormous wings. It flared its nostrils and showed its teeth. The menacing smirk of a dragon.


As the beast lunged towards them, Robin swung his Brush of Blades. The ground shook when the Di’Lay crashed into the nearly impenetrable wall of ink, and the dragon was forced aside. With their foe disoriented, Teddy tightened his grip around his Axe of Assembly and brought it down upon the giant head with all his might. Alas, the Di’Lay is not a creature easily slain, and when the axe shattered the earth beneath it, only its left horn had been lost.


The warriors barely dodged the fiery retaliation of the now furious beast. They quickly made their retreat through the thin forest. Every other step they had to dodge a claw, or duck under a cloud of flames, but they would not have to run for long. Just as they were about to reach the great swamp, the two paladins of creativity dived to either side. Unable to alter its momentum, the creature got caught by the huge Tripwire that had been cleverly set up before the battle. It fell over, crashing into the deep bog.


Massive clouds of Steam erupted all around it, and as the dragon struggled to regain its bearings, Teddy buried his Axe deep into the creature’s chest. With a roar, the beast toppled over, and soon lay motionless on the ground. Robin kneeled down beside its head and pried open the jaws. He pulled out an elegant, white banner, embroidered with pure gold.


“Is that…” Teddy asked, too out of breath to complete the scentence.


“Yes”, Robin replied with a grin. “It’s the release date.”


The weary programmer chuckled in relief. “So, what does it say?”


Robin unfolded the banner and held it up towards the sun. 4th of May.


The artist bellowed his reply so that the entire world could hear:


Dwarfs!? is coming out

the 4th of May!”


From every corner of the world, cheers erupted. Finally, the wait was over.


And so, after a long struggle, the release date they sought was theirs. They stood, at last, victorious. Slain beneath them lay the feared Di’Lay – now a testament to the Power of Two.

Jan 3 2011

IndieSuperstar with new leak

How come no-one is doing anything about this? These journalists are endangering the lives of billions upon billions of dwarfs with their reckless disclosures! Only a few days ago, Indie Superstar (http://indiesuperstar revealed yet another set of juicy secrets (http://indiesuperstar regarding Dwarfs!?, and all the dirty tricks used in the development process!

Expertly forged imagery of me and Robin partaking in glorious celebration

Yet again I was fooled by cunning, journalistic trickery! Some hot 21 year old chick added me on Skype and asked a bunch of question about Dwarfs, and being the gentleman that I am, I told her like it was! Little did I know that Joanna Poledancer was, in fact, my arch-nemesis John Polson, reporter for the #1 videogame whistleblower site in the world: Indie Superstar!

Power of Two Games will take measures to ensure this kind of fatal leak never happens again.

We advice all our readers not to click this link (http://indiesuperstar!