Dec 22 2010

Dwarfs EXPOSED?! Full story inside!

Investigative journalism is the enemy of every honest, hard-working corporation that has built its success on vast amounts of liquor and blowing up employees. This time, it’s our very own Workplace of The Year that’s under ruthless scrutiny!

He said he was an investor so we let him into the beta...

The author of this Pulitzer-winning write-up is John Polson, one of the larger contributors to the whistleblower site Indie Superstar (http://indiesuperstar He cleverly infiltrated our Beta posing as Pol Johnson. Well played, John… well played.

Click here to read the excellent article (http://indiesuperstar

Oct 7 2010

SGA Kickoff

The Swedish Game Awards (http://gameawards are going to have their Kickoff (http://gameawards at Kulturhuset in Stockholm the upcoming Monday (11th)!

Robin will be there talking about our hyper-iterative development cycle, and how we managed to get our product signed by a publisher in such short time. Also, you’ll be able to listen to past SGA-winners, like Magicka (Arrowhead Game Studios) and Bloodline Champions (Stunlock Studios)!

If you happen to be in Sweden on Monday (and why wouldn’t you?), be sure to stop by! You’ll be able to play Dwarfs and get free backrubs from Robin!

Oct 4 2010

“Dwarfs the Game”-website up!

To promote schizofrenia in all of our fans (because two fans are always better than one), we have launched a site (http://www NULL.dwarfs-game to the Dwarfs game itself! This is so that people interested in raw info about the game won’t have to wade through all my ramblings on the blog! :)

Complete with a comic! Yeah! A new strip will be added to the comic on a weekly basis (ish)

Amazing features

We’re aiming to completely revolutionize how people find information about Dwarfs!?, surf the web and cook homard du pays à la escabeche! Here’s what can be found, or will be “can be found” later, on the new site:

  • Comic: Short strips about the game, inside the game, or about us!
  • News: Like the blog only not quite
  • Demo: We’ll release a Steam Demo when the time is right!
  • Media: Like… screens and videos! We’re thinking of doing some sort of silly dev-talk for this page, too
  • Codex: Information on in-game stuff
  • About: Derp!

If you follow the blog, you won’t have to worry much, as I will post notices of any relevant updates of the new site here!

Click HERE to visist the new site! (http://www NULL.dwarfs-game

Sep 2 2010

Dwarfs at PAX!

Dwarfs will be displayed at the Penny Arcade Expo (http://www NULL.paxsite NULL.php) (PAX) which begins tomorrow! You can find us in Tripwire’s booth, where Robin’s on duty to give you a little cave-tour. :)

Unfortunately, if you haven’t got an entry badge, you’re out of luck. PAX has actually sold out! According to leading experts and cutting edge computer simulations, the rumors of Dwarfs appearance played no small part in this!

So, if you happen to have a badge, stop by!