EOS Dynasty blockchain game review

With the expanding reception of blockchain innovation, decentralized applications (dApps) have likewise risen and, with that, comes additionally the ascent of decentralized portable games. One of these is EOS Dynasty, a RPG + PVP game based on the blockchain structure. Here’s a speedy outline and survey of the dApp game.

EOS Dynasty: An overview

EOS Dynasty is the Eastern-style adaptation of EOS Knights that centers around character creation and redesigning. It contains three characters, just as many guides, weapons, mounts, covering, and things to gather!

It is an “away from console” game that permits you to do different things while allowing the game to tackle its work.

How do I get into EOS Dynasty?

Once you open the game, you have six options to get into the gameplay:

  1. Token Pocket
  2. Meet.One
  3. Nova
  4. Mykey
  5. Wombat
  6. Math

You would already be able to get to the game and download it through Wombat; it will divert you to a webpage, where the most recent adaptation of the game anticipates you!

What are the two cryptocurrencies in the game?

There are two principle monetary standards in the game: EOS and Tiger Runes. The previous fills in as the game’s exceptional cash, while the last fills in as the game’s basic money.

EOS permits players to purchase characters and get more assets to update these characters to the best that they can. The more impressive these characters are, the higher the assets a player can have.

Players can acquire EOS by essentially purchasing/selling things and materials in the game.

How to gain even more currencies in the game?

Through in-game purchasing and selling, players get a third cash called TKT (in-game tokens) – this permits them to have the option to take an interest in the in-game economy and possibly acquire things, assets, and above all, genuine cash.

All players acquire TKT with respect to the sum that they spend playing and executing in-game.

The blueprints to deliver up to 1 billion TKT; at the present time, under 25% of it is right now accessible, which implies that there’s still a great deal of space for the game to develop!

How do players play the game and upgrade their characters?

The fundamental type of play in the game is known as a “walk,” where a player gathers assets by murdering beasts. Executing more beasts builds the drop pace of things.

Players get one Tiger Rune and one irregular material for each walk that they do; every player can walk each 120 or 240 seconds, contingent upon his/her level.

All in all, a player could be conceivably incredible on the off chance that he/she invests a decent measure of energy each day in the game.

Players get more excellent material dependent on numerous variables, for example, the character’s level, the hardware being utilized, the fight that is being battled (one opens various guides), and the quantity of players/beasts killed when the player secures these materials.

When the player acquires the important materials for a specific thing, the player taps the ideal thing and gets it inside only seconds.

There are four kinds of things in the game: weapons, reinforcement, ornaments, and mounts. Every one of them add to a player’s solidarity inside the game.

Then, the game likewise has extra highlights, for example, manager occasions and fashion occasions that permit players to acquire assets.


While the facts confirm that you will get something out of the game as an easygoing player, the game can be a generally excellent speculation for players who have the assets to save.

The illustrations and the overall perfection of the ongoing interaction are very great too. Nonetheless, one could encounter slacks between the worker and the customer every so often.

All things considered, EOS Dynasty remunerates its players reasonably liberally and merits attempting in case you’re into RPG and PVP style games.

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