Jun 1 2010

“Dwarfs” nominated in SGA!

Good news, everyone! Dwarfs has been nominated for Best Execution in the Swedish Game Awards (http://gameawards NULL.se/)! The winners will be revealed at the Game Day Expo, June 12 at F√∂rsvarsh√∂gskolan in Stockholm, which is FREE to attend! So there’s no excuse for not showing up! :)

(http://gameawards NULL.se/news/swedish-game-awards-grande-finale/)

Be there!

Looking at the competition (http://gameawards NULL.se/news/nominees-the-best-of-indie-development/), we’re probably pretty screwed… haha. Sanctum (http://gameawards NULL.se/competition_entries/468) and Testament (http://gameawards NULL.se/competition_entries/523) (a christian game where you play as an angel chopping people up for Jesus) are two games that is looking especially good. :D

For our first game, not even six months into production, I’d say getting nominated is quite a feat in itself! After all, we’ve already won free lunch!