May 5 2011

The Beard Unleashed!

Good news, everyone!

And frankly, I don’t care what voice you read that in! What I do care about, however, is that ‘Dwarfs!?’ is finally out!

To celebrate, we’re having a week long Hilarious Delay Sale to commemorate the absurd delays through which all our dear beardy fans had to endure before this glorious day! “What does that mean”, you ask? It means about $9, €8 and £7! Yes, we’ve priced adjusted for Europeans! One dollar isn’t a pound :D

If you just want to get this over with and buy the game, you can do so here: (http://store NULL.steampowered

If you want to savour this moment a bit more before getting the game and having the best time of your life, watch Simon do it here (actually, do it regardless of what you want to do, it’s hilarious): (http://www

EDIT: Not enough? Another professional Dwarfs!?-player is Total Biscuit, who take a shot at the world record (while talking some serious smack about the poor Dwarfs) in this awesome video: (http://youtu

If you want to cry rivers in which dwarven babies drown about how we totally ripped off Dwarf Fortress and Minesweeper, there is a great place for that, too: (http://boards NULL.4chan

If you want to try out the great but absurdly difficult game we apparently ripped off, you can find it here: (http://www NULL.bay12games