Oct 13 2010

What’s going on?! Pt. 3: Shaman MK II

No longer a pushover

As most of the beta testers have probably noticed the Goblin Shaman missed some pretty vital classes at the Boss Academy. Well, we had him retake a couple of them, and now he’s back packing a much harder punch!

When he first appears, he’s pretty much identical to his old self. He just stands there, looking silly and summoning one monster at a time. The longer you let him be, however…

He's four times the man he once was!

The Shaman will summon more and more minions with each cycle! With some bad luck, what once was just a harmless clown in a cave might become five red orcs in your back yard! But that’s not the only badassery the new Shaman does to mess with lazy players:

Why is it blue? Is it a bug? Is it a plane?

Nope, it's a water summoning circle!

Boss Rage Mode

We call this the “Rage Mode”. Each boss have one, and the Shaman’s way of telling you to step up your game is by summoning water. While summoning four or five minions is pretty nasty as well, this ability is absolutely devastating! Nine times out of ten, it’s the end for you should he succeed!

The general idea behind making the bosses stronger by adding Rage Mode, was to prevent them from becoming harmless statues standing in caves and waiting for some properly leveled Warriors to pick them off. In the beta, getting a warning about a Shaman generally meant a good opportunity for leveling up and getting some easy score. We wanted players to think: “oh sh- here comes trouble!”

The Shaman is still pretty easy, though. He hasn’t become harder to beat in combat, so all that’s changed is you’ll have to stop the power leveling meta-game at five or six minions in if you don’t want to risk water summoning. He isn’t the only boss however, and the other two makes the Shaman look like a kitten…

but more about that some other time!

Next Up:

Bonus Modes!