Jul 8 2010

Dwarfs 0.65 Beta Uploaded!

Update 2: Disregard the previous update! The new version has been uploaded now, and you REALLY should be able to start the game now if you crashed at start up! Also, there are a some new sounds

Update: A new version has been uploaded, which hopefully works with graphics cards capable of storing textures up to 2048 pixels wide! If you got a crash at startup before, give it another go.

The day you all have been waiting for has come! You can now download a beta of Dwarfs (http://www NULL.po2games NULL.com/forum/viewtopic NULL.php?f=4&t=2)!

To download it, just visit this post (http://www NULL.po2games NULL.com/forum/viewtopic NULL.php?f=4&t=2) and follow the instructions! We’ve disabled all time modes but 15 minutes. Not to be cheap bastards or anything, but because the longer modes make no sense since only about 1/4 of the content is in the game. You can still get pretty far in 15 minutes, and you’ll have more than enough time to encounter all content!

At this point in the development, the game’s foundation is pretty much done. What we’ve left to do is make more of what’s there — more enemies, secret caves, more campaign missions, and so forth. The game, as it is now, gives a very good sense of what the final game will be like. It’s a very playable beta.

To make playing the game interesting, we’ve added an online scoreboard! To uploadĀ  a score, there are only two prerequisites:

  1. You must be connected when you get it
  2. It must qualify for your own highscore list

Now we will truly find out who has the longest beard!

Annoying Insects

When releasing a Beta like this, only one thing is certain: there will be bugs. Lots of them. Most people probably won’t notice anything major. Some people will run into pretty drastic ones! If you stumble upon a bug that crashes the application, you will (hopefully) be taken to a crash screen asking you to upload the crash report! Press Enter to do this. If you find a bug that just messes with the game without crashing it (such as dwarfs digging through rock, or your base flying away), please do report them in the forum! Oh, and on that note…

The Forum

As stated above, we’ve created a forum where you can report bugs, ask questions and come with suggestions! Anyone can register and post, and if you have something to say, please do! :)

Some Pointers

It might be a good idea to go through the Campaign (which for now is a tutorial), to learn the basics. In the Codex, accessible from Main Menu, you can read up on some tips and tricks, as well as watch short video tutorials and listen to my silky sweet faked British accent!

Oh, and when you’re not playing Dwarfs, I trust you’ll be watching the EVO Stream (http://evo2k NULL.com/live/), just like we will ;)


Jun 29 2010

Back to Work

This year me and Robin decided to skip finding shitty summer jobs to finish up Dwarfs instead! As such, not only will we work, but we’ll also starve! Working with Dwarfs is actually more like playing around, though, so we’ll survive :)

Anyway, our two weeks of chill in the hill is over. Robin has begun working on the remaining enemy types, which leaves me free to roam about the lab! Last night, my unethical experiments resulted in an unholy union of C# and PHP to create something many of our beta testers have asked for!

This is the Score Menu. Notice anything different?

That’s right: global, online high scores! And that’s not all, either.

The Dwarfs Beta will soon be
available for public download!

We’re just tweaking some details, and then we’ll let anyone enjoy the game. It’s likely that we’ll cut out the 60min and Endless time modes, since they don’t live up to our standards due to the content shortage. I’m going to try to implement a crash screen in case of fatal errors (God Forbid), with the option of uploading the error log. Also, we’ll be opening up a small forum where people can report non-crash bugs and suggest improvements.

Hang in there, billions of Dwarfs-fanbois! We’re coming to save you!

Jun 9 2010

Victory is ours!

…at least on one battlefield! Tonight, Dwarfs won the Pwnage Award (Best of Show) in the Gotland Game Awards (http://www NULL.gotlandgameawards NULL.se/gga10/)! I have no idea of the actual (as in monetary) ramifications of this glorious victory, if any, but we got so much fireworks to celebrate our entrance that Don (the headmaster) had to step in and save us from being blown to smithereens. ^^

Hopefully, we’ll have some professional shots from the event to show you guys! In the meantime, here’s Rikard enjoying a sweet glass of campaign!

Next stop:

SGA! (http://gameawards NULL.se/news/nominees-the-best-of-indie-development/)

May 4 2010

Iterations: Dwarfs Now and Then

A word of advice to anyone developing a game: save your iterations!

Just like it’s good to keep a visual diary for comparing weight loss when dieting, or keeping recordings from when you started playing an instrument, having earlier builds of your game saved down is a great source of morale. Given that there is progress to show, of course.

For Dwarfs, we started to archive our “stables” (every 0.x gets extra bug-test attention) at v0.3. When I’m stuck with some really soul crushing programming, and it feels like the game is going nowhere, I like to start one of the old ones up and remember that’s what I thought back then too.

V0.3 – January 2010

v0.3 - Menu

The "menu" in v0.3

v0.3 - In game

Screenshots cannot even begin to describe how insanely hard the game was back then

V0.4 – February 2010

v0.4 - Menu

A slightly improved splash screen, from before we decided on the name "Power of Two"

v0.4 - In game

It might not look that different, but the improvement to gameplay is immense.

V0.5 – April 2010

v0.5 - Menu

Finally, an actual menu! The version number at the bottom is a liar :(

v0.5 - In game

Without doubt the sexiest iteration yet, with huge graphical and technical updates

Current – May 2010

v0.55 - Menu

A new WIP main menu! We're taking our chances with one of those extravagant thingys.

v0.55 - In game

Not much of a difference to be seen... but you'll have to take my word for it: there's sounds and music now. :)

The difference between these versions are much more profound than is shown by the screens! I won’t bother you with patch notes, but I’ll repeat what I wrote at the top of this article:

Save your iterations!