Tokens in the Axie Infinity ecosystem

Axie Infinity crypto game ecosystem includes several tokens: AXS token, SLP token, AOC token, there used to be others but they became obsolete or were converted to AXS.

AXS Token

So AXS, Axie Infinity Shards, is an ERC-20 havernance token The Axie Infinity team aims to move project management into a DAO format, a decentralized autonomous organization. With this operating format, AXS token holders are free to decide all of the project’s day-to-day issues, from the commissions charged for selling your Axie pets to choosing the color of the company’s logo. The AXS token holder can vote for or against the idea he or she chooses, as well as make a personal proposal for the development of the game.

Besides controlling the fate of a project, what else are Axie Infinity Shards for?

  1. Payment Medium. AXS will replace or cohabit with ETH on the Marketplace.
    Payment for user-generated content or for the use of any game in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. For example, you decided to create a game, and to attract users you make a promotion “Pass the game first and get 10 AXS tokens”.
  2. Privileges in future sales and promotions for AXS holders. These can be planned events, when the community learns about the upcoming event and begins to purposefully buy the token. An alternative could be a retrospective snapshot of AXS cryptocurrency holders, thereby highlighting the real adherents of the project.
  3. Steaking. AXS owners will be able to lock their tokens into Steaking, for which they will receive freshly released tokens as a reward for believing in the project. Steakers, will be able to increase their rewards if they actively participate in the project’s havernance and/or play the game. After the launch of Staking, it will be critical to launch the game’s Community Fund, which receives rewards from commissions earned and inflationary tokens from Staking. The fund will move into management from the Sky Mavis team to token holders at a time when the tokens are sufficiently decentralized. The initial launch of the Community Fund is scheduled for early 2021.

Reward for playing with AXS tokens

The Axie Infinity Whitepaper outlines the team’s vision for encouraging and engaging active members of the Axie community for:

  1. Competition in the arena and winning matches.
  2. Tournament victories.
  3. Interacting with and caring for land holdings.
  4. Using Axie Marketplace.
  5. Axie Breeding.
  6. Using future company products that have not yet been released.

These initiatives are allocated 20% of the total number of tokens, which will begin to spread gradually among the players, and fully find their owners no earlier than 4.5 years from the time of the first payments. As of this writing, the total value of the game’s rewards is $28,000,000. Don’t put the game off, it’s only getting more expensive every day!

The total number of tokens will be 270,000,000 AXS, in a private placement was allocated 10,800,000 tokens for private investors at a price of $0.08. A total of $864,000 was raised. (Read about the biggest investment in blockchain games in 2020). AXS’ next stage of distribution was Launchpad Binance, one of the most famous crypto exchanges in the world. The Axie team worked with Binance to sell 11% of the total number of tokens at $0.1, raising $2,970,000.

What is the SLP token?

SLP or Small Love Potion are ERC-20 utility tokens. Their sole purpose is to pay for Axie breeding in the game. Players pay to create a new Axie in SLP tokens, which are burned, and a new Axie is born in return. The cheapest breed will cost 200 SLP.

There are several ways to get an SLP:

  1. earn in the game.
  2. to buy on the stock exchange.
  3. to be rewarded for participating in tournaments, promotions, and other user incentives.

Mining SLP in the Axie crypto game

At the end of December 2020 there are 3 types of SLP earnings in the game – these are PVP, PVE and Daily Challenge battles. PVP or arena is created for battles between users, PVE or adventuring is for battles with monsters on the lands of Lunacia (Axi’s habitat).

PVP mode (arena)

Initially, a new user receives 1200 rating points. Below is a table showing the ratio of your rating to the SLP you receive for winning each PVP battle. Playing at 1200 rating level, you get 7 SLP for winning. Axie has seasons and off-seasons. In the season for victory or defeat, in addition to SLP tokens, the user’s rating changes in both directions. Earlier in the off-season the rating did not change, but since December 2020 the rating is already floating in the off-season as well.

PVE mode (adventure)

Adventure Mode has 36 levels, the first is the easiest, the last is the hardest. For defeating mobs they give experience to your Axie and some more SLP. To be honest, we find it difficult to say exactly how many SLP a player will get for a battle, because it depends on the experience of the characters, on the round and on how many times he defeats enemies in a new level. If you get stuck at the beginning of the path and do not get a certain level, then put ego aside and go down 1-2 levels below. There re-defeating chimera monsters will give you extra experience. By increasing the experience and level of the axi, you will increase all the indicators of both the axi themselves and the ability cards – it will be easier to pass the previously inaccessible level.

We will try to give you a rough idea and hints about the SLP you get for different levels, this information is not exact and is of an introductory nature:

  1. It is desirable to have pumped up to level 25 Axie with cards of base damage from 90
  2. Focus your time on passing levels as easy as possible. It feels like 15-21, 25, and 26 when the axis is pumped. Among other things, they usually get high SLP awards.
  3. If you have an axi not the maximum level, try not to get on top of tough mobs, if you can not defeat them with 1-2 times, do not waste time and energy, swing at weaker levels.
  4. For level 21 you get 200 SLP (one time), and level 36 will bring 300 SLP to the piggy bank.

You can gain up to 100 SLP per day per dungeon.

Daily challenge or daleek

Daleek is a quest in which you have to fulfill three conditions:

  1. Check in game. Just log in.
  2. Win 5 times in the arena
  3. Win 10 cards in advechne

Getting action points is fashionable and without energy, play the arena or adventure and finish the day’s tasks.

You can get up to 50 SLPs per day for the Daily challenge.

Total, with a proper approach to the game to score 150 SLP tokens per day is not a difficult task. At the max axe level, it will take the player 50 to 80 minutes to do this minimum.

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